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Hedonistika 2016: Opening Gala Night Magic

Some impressions of the Hedonistika 2016 Gala Night! And here is a video link on Facebook, in case you want to see some of the machines in action.

Hedonistika Is For Cheese

monochrom’s “Upgrate / Hard Cheese Drive” celebrated its glorious premiere at Hedonistika 2016. The power of 5,400 rpm turned parmesan into dust… and (we are afraid to say) contaminated the vegan miso(soup)bot at the next table with a ton of cheese fallout. (Specimen: Johannes Grenzfurthner’s shoes — the Upgrate operator inhaled a lot of protein.)

Hedonistika 2016: Our Tel Aviv Line-Up!

Hedonistika 2016: TEL AVIV!

Hedonistika 2016 will take place at Cinematheque Holon in Israel as part of Print Screen Festival! Hedonistika is an interactive exhibition of gastronomical robots, cocktail machines, and experimental food performances. Created by artists collective monochrom from Vienna, Hedonistika is a travelling festival which moves from city to city and culinary landscape to culinary landscape, find …

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